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Newsletter 10

Dear yoga friends,

in the beginning of the year of 2015 from the 09 to 12 of February the first important event in the life of our yoga-centre was the visit of Swami Gajanandaji, an international yoga-teacher of the system of Yoga in Daily Life®, who held a very successful lecture and satsangs in Bekescsaba.

Mottó: A child receives love from the mother and mother receives love from the child. Or love from friends. You give your love to your friends and likewise you receive love from them.

Paramhans Swami Maheshvarananda

Swami Gadjanandaji gave a very nice lecture in the kindergarten “Százszorszép“ in Bekescsaba for the advanced yoga group with the title of ..What yoga really is.... on Tuesday, 10th of February. Yoga is not only the asanas or pranayamas, or relaxation – he emphasized. He gave a very good image liked very much by the public when he told that yoga is like a big cake. Its slices are the asanas, pranayamas, meditation, etc. The whole tart is offered, everybody takes as much as his/her capacity. Consuming gradually, slice by slice. The Yoga in Daily Life teaches us to take consciously our life in our hands. We should act wisely and always think over what will be the consequences of our deeds, our karmas. Generally, the biggest part of our deeds is dedicated to our selfish interests. The ahimsa, the non-violence, non-harming is very important. The ahimsa = love. Whom or what we love, we do not harm, do not kill, we do not hate. Yoga is to get free from the ego, the selfishness. Realizing the atma, what is more than the soul, and what is the divine Self in us, – this is the goal of practising yoga. The feature of the atma is the Sat chit ananda, the state of – the Truth, Consciousness, and Bliss – the yoga leads us to realize this. Every creature search for the happiness, it cannot find outside, but inside. The Yoga in Daily Life means constantly being aware of and controlling our deeds. This penetrates our whole life and removes us from the ego and opens our heart.

On the other day on Wednesday evening in the satsang the main topic was the dharma. The karma and dharma are very closed to each other. In the occasion of an earlier visit in our ashram Swami Gajanandaji held a very successful lecture about karma. The karma is the law of action and reaction, meaning that the consequences of our deeds are reflecting to us. Among the creatures the acts of animals are instinctively, that’s why they do not cause karmas. They live their destiny, and act according to their dharma, their nature. People, however, can think over how to act and what will be the consequences, and so to decide what to choose - since they have intellect, - buddhi -. To enlighten what is the connection between the karma and dharma, Swami Gajanand told a very vivid example about the mosquito bite. The dharma, the nature of the mosquito is to bite. In case of the mosquito biting human, however, can decide either kill or whisk away the mosquito, so creating the quality of the karma.

The meaning of the dharma is the task, or duty, the obligations, or the nature of something. For example the dharma of the fire is to heat and giving light.

For human there is a general and individual dharma as well. The individual dharma is the task, or duty what in the course of the given life we have to achieve. To discover this, the self-enquiry meditation of the Yoga in daily life® can help us.

In the course of rebirths among the 8.4 millions different creatures only one is the human life. To get a human body again and again is not easy, so the general human dharma is the moksha and seva. The moksha means to get free from the circle of birth and death. The seva is the service, the selfless service of all creatures, through which the effects of negative karmas can be dissolved and so the moksha can be reached...

Photos of the visit...


The lecture on Tuesday in the kindergarten

lecture 2.


listening to lecture with enthusiasm by the participants...


Satsang on Wednesday evening in our ashram – Swami Gajanandaji is singing bhajans


Bhaktas singing with


Picture of group in the satsang

We hope that we will have more occasions in the future to share in the wisdom of yoga by Swami Gajanandaji and to enjoy the nice bhajans singing by him.