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Newsletter 12

Dear yoga friends,

in the year of 2015 our beloved master, Swamiji, Vishwaguruji will be 70 year old. His disciples all over the world will celebrate his anniversary. In this occasion with this newsletter we also remember on his visits at our place, in Békéscsaba and environment.

Mottó: The name of Gurudev is a boat, a ferry, and those who sit inside, will cross the ocean and come to the other shore. You must have confidence, Gurudev will take you to the light, to liberation.

Paramhans Swami Maheshvarananda

In the years of 1990th Vishwaguruji – Paramhans Swami Maheshwaranandaji visited Békéscsaba for several times. On his initiative our association of Yoga in Daily Life in Békéscsaba was established in 1991. Since then we gained the title of public use and we have been working continuously. We hold yoga-classes regularly, in several places of county Békés, - in Békéscsaba, Gyula, Békés, Orosháza and on other more little settlements. We have organized yoga-seminars, with international teachers of our system. We hold open days of demonstration what is yoga for the public, and also hatha yoga kriya courses. We take part regularly in the international seminars of our beloved master, Swamiji-Vishwaguruji, we go to refresher courses, and we are loyal to his gradually built master system.

Swamiji visited Békéscsaba in the years of 1990, 1991, and 1996 and held very successful lectures. Summer seminars were organized several times in the Kétegyháza castle park nearby Békéscsaba.

What is the meaning of having a master, a Gurudeva for us disciples, association members, most of us who have been already initiated as disciples for more than 20 years? The love of Gurudeva that is embracing all living beings, the deep wisdom of his words, the energy, the prana which is continuously flowing from him and elevating us also, that untiring effort how he is travelling around the world, to visit his disciples again and again, and how he guides them personally, according to their state of development on the path of yoga, the path of spirituality, – it is unique in this world. His gradually built holistic yoga-system means for everybody a great security. We have experienced during the years what Vishwaguruji –Swamiji often mentions, if you go on one path, you can reach everything, but if you try always a newer path then you can lose everything... Those who are loyally practising this master system and the mantra getting from Swamiji, their life changes in positive way, they can obtain a deeper self-knowledge, and can gradually understand and realize what is the inner immortal Self, the atma in which we are all one.

Already in the beginning, in 1991 in a public lecture in Békéscsaba, Swamiji told an example, which enlightens in a simple way for us what it means, that we all are one.

Take twenty bowls and fill them with water. Put them in the full moon night in the garden and look into them. You will see the moon in every bowls. But there are not twenty moons, only one, and it is reflecting now in all bowls. That is meant if one says: “All in one and one in all.”

In the course of more than 20 years we have got many similar wise instructions, and practical directions and guidance from Swamiji and we are happy to be his disciples.

Pictures and memories


1991. in the summer seminar in Kétegyháza , Swamiji is dedicating


Swamiji blesses the mala of the disciple

előadásra érkezés

2006. Békéscsaba – Swamiji arrives on the lecture, beside him is Papp János, the mayor of the city at that time...


the lecture ... and ...


the attention of the public