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Newsletter for Christmas time

Dear yoga-friends!

On the occasion of Christmas time we would like to share with you the big event of this year for us, that Vishwaguruji, our dear Master has visited the ashram in Bekescsaba at this autumn.

Mottó: The relationship between master and disciple is a divine and a very personal relationship, and the duty of the disciple is to maintain this relation, otherwise it will die day by day.

Paramhans Swami Maheshvarananda


The beautiful garden of the ashram in Bekescsaba in the spring of this year, when we hoped only, that our master once will visit us and will inaugurate the ashram.

áldás Finally, on 25 October 2015 on Sunday, on his way from Szeged to Debrecen to our great pleasure Vishwaguruji stopped in Bekescsaba and visited also our ashram. The date of this visit was surprising for us, since we knew only one day before that he would have a lunch in Bekescsaba. On Sunday from early morning we were preparing with great excitement and love to Swamiji’s arrival, and about one hour p.m. his car drove in the yard of the ashram. We could spend in his presence and with his enormous blessing an unforgettable two hours time. After setting the light, and inaugurating our ashram, Vishwaguruji told that the master and his disciples are also ‘karmically’ related. When Vishwaguruji in Australia made a Parikrama around the rock of Uluru, which is a saint mountain of aboriginals in Australia, he put every step for one city or settlement where his bhaktas live, and so for our place of Bekescsaba too. In our city and environment, we have been practising Yoga in Daily Life® for 25 years continuously. The result of our members’ selfless work throughout 20 years is establishing our own ashram in Bekescsaba 5 years ago, which was crowned now with the visiting of our Master.

Vishwaguruji is arriving ...

előadásra érkezés

... after setting the light, Vishwaguruji inaugurates the ashram ...


Vishwaguruji and his bhaktas


Vishwaguruji dictates his words of blessing in the memorial book of the ashram … this is the ashram of Bhagwan Sri Deep Mahaprabhuji, where the Yoga in Daily Life is taught, to everybody who comes here, give over the light and blessing of Gurudev...


Vishwaguruji is signing his words and writing the mantra… OM Prabhu Deep Niranjan Saba Dukha Bhanjan ...


Vishwaguruji gives prashad to Huba, the son of one guru sister who had birthday just on that day


and the excellent cooks are getting also prashad from Gurudev, the fresh organic apples ...


After visiting ... the flower mala on the altar ...


... and the asan of Gurudev, his continuous presence in our ashram... and the joy about this visiting that remains in us ...

with this we wish merry Christmas and a happy New Year in 2016!
OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti